jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Change to my study programme

Hello, well in this occasion I will write about a possible change that I will like make in my study programme.

My career is psychology and impart it the University of Chile, in this three years of study I learn very much about many things and also I change my opinions, the form on I think the world and the life. But also I would like that my career were more practice and put more important in this kind of things, for example, that in the first year of the career make us go to places where the psychology be applied, like knows works, making observations or participated in this places. But on the contrary the first years are so theorist, it is not all bad because is necessary. But I should to the career of psychology be more approached to the social things in the practice and show it to the students who comes in the first year and no approached after three years after three years of study.

On the other hand, inside the faculty our canteen is very small, the variety of food is little and it's over quick after the hour of lunch, and around of six o clock is closer and you must go to the other place in the campus for eat something.

Without mentioning that there is no a place to buy real food, I want to say with it that one at the moment of lunch does not eat only snacks but slightly prepared and freshly.

That’s all, see you soon.

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

future holidays!

For some months I’ve been thinking that to do for these vacations, I’m so exciting about this because i hope to travel to Perú. These plans would be for february and it would be there approximately two weeks, i would be charmed being for more time, but the money doesn't accompany me. These visits to Peru I’m putting on with my boyfriend and I hope all of these ideas make real of the best possibly form.  
For this i must worked very much in the free time when i finish this semester and not only join money for my holidays but to make some present to Christmas.
On the other hand, also i hope travel with my mom, my sister and my little brother, but this trip will be inside of Chile, maybe in Algarrobo or beach of the V region. This travel maybe spread for two weeks and are designed for the last week of January.
I hope these holidays will be full of happy moments and could know many new things.

In Peru I hope visiting the Machu Picchu make the trekking in this place, also go to the city of Cuzco and to try meet all around of this, also go to Lima and eat the typical food of Peru, and after going to lima To be going to visit the national park Otishi and the national park of the Manu, since these landscapes approach more the jungle of this country.

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016


Hi everybody! In this occasion i am going to write about films. 

I am not a person that sees many movies, i know some classical movies and some directors, but definitely not declare a fan film. In fact, when i see movies in my house or make me see a movie with someone is usually i get sleep, if the movie doesn’t interest me. 

The last time i see a movie was in my room in my computer i see a movie online, this film was Colonia dignidad. 

I like the movie, was entertainment because I don’t yawns, keep me an alert about the history. And i think that is because see an history so close to the Chilean reality make feel it so much. Also this was passing to see the Chilean landscape like mountain rage or the country said around Linares.

In this movie appear famous actors, like Emma Watson. She is popular by interpreting Hermione in Harry Potter; Daniel Bruhul also is a famous German actor. I recommend this film your duration is 110 minutes and you get find online easily in interne

Now i am waiting for to see a movie that it premiered recently, this is Las Plantas, an independent movie that produce in Chile. This film is exhibiting in cine arte alameda. I hope this film don’t be just a waste of money.

That’s all folks!

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

my future job

Hi bloggers, in this ocassion i will coment about my future job.

Well, i hopping to work in something that not make me feel depresedd, must be something that i enjoyment.

Actuallyment, i curse in psychology, but i don't know what area of specialization i will take. I hope to make good decisions about. And just this hesitation don't let me see with a clarity what could be my working future. But, sure in psychology, maybe educational, social community or clinic psyshology area.

If i dedicate in social community area i will probably work with more flexibility time but not least tasks, i think probably be in outdoor more than indoor, will be less conventional, the contact with the people will be closer, they tries not to look like an expert and to be able to introduce in any community and work with them.
This is something that i decided in the years i remain career, and and at least now I do not worry much.

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Post 4: Art.

I don't know why the art's is important, but i think that is related with ideas, emotions and is very intimated and personal, so is here when becomes importants, because his origin is honest.

The person expresses something that experiments, that feels (across different means, already be writing, singing, drawing, sculpting; making it formed) and as result there is had a creation (some of them will be able call him Art, others probably don't like it, there will be others who don't understand it, thousands of possibilities).

But, also it' s possible to know according to the histories of the humanity that there were objects that were not fabricated like artistic reason, rather this was made as a domestic utensil, but today are considered Art and this object are in exhibition in importants museums. Anyhow, I think that these creations are very significant and demonstrate forms and techniques that the creators were handling in these times. 

Of all forms, I would feel charmed of being present at famous museums as those that exist in Europe, but also I think that it is necessary to esteem the creations that are given to this side of the continent, since they say much of our history and of how the persons have felt it. 

Glass bottle destined to put perfume. It's said that it was created for some Egyptian queen.

Post 3: Music

The music in my life is necessary because sometimes only the sounds of instruments and many other things gives me feelings and emotions that sometimes help me to resolved thoughts.

I remember that always the musical sounds were in my life, and not only the music noise, also images that use groups of music, many albums, posters of concert, magazines of music like "Extravaganza" are prowling in my house. In this way i was familiar with this things.

Also, my parents show me instruments and music videos they saw, this can be because my father's family was musicians (not professionals, but fans), my uncle playing guitar in the house and my father play battery... also my grandfather listen rock and roll, so we listened and danced, in this way i met music more oldest... of 50' or 60'.

Actually, I'm engrossed with female voices and I hear with most frequently in my mp3 player is CocoRosie, Bjork, Elizabeth Fraser vocalist of Cocteau Twins, Camila Moreno with Mala Madre, Cat power, and many others...

I will like learning to play some instruments very well, like guitar or piano, but i thinks i need time and will of just make it, every day. This is hard for me because also I have to do other things related to the university but i think of all people must approach it - the music - and hear his own voice.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

The Best Holiday: Bolivia

Hello, in this occasion i will write about my travel to Bolivia.

The year 2015, in February i traveled to Bolivia. I arrived to Bolivia in "backpacking", from Coquimbo pass to all desert of Chile, always in the road going by Vallenar, Copiapo, Caldera, Chañaral, and Antofagasta to finally arrive in Arica. All this travel was very exhausting and was two day and half.

I come to Bolivia in bus from Arica, and was very exiting pass over the mountains and a little of fear because travel in the night between mountains is dangerous. Fortunately, the driver was good and we arrived safely.

The budget in Bolivia it is multiplied, if i had $150.000 these became twice what he could spend and with this i could to know La paz, Copacabana, Sun island, Potosí, Titicaca lake and Sucre. In Potosí i meet a family that living in Cerro rico, What now they are only ruins and sediments of an Former mining city...

The most beauty of Bolivia is the people and your culture, ever. All world must be seen this and to reevaluate it, is very powerly to see and hear to the people speak aymara every wear, i like very much they (not all, certainly) Be kept rejealous to the "winka" clearly identifiable and rightly reason they have.

Spend it very well and comprobe that I can travel and resist very much for another trip.